• Numark style or skin default Jog style
  • Controller Logo and Model - can be hide
  • User Logo and Slogan (can be replace in user style)
  • 2/4 Decks
  • Pionner style VU with peaks (accurate calibration) - can be hide
  • Peak Led (Decks and Master - can be hide)
  • FX Led
  • Pitch Led
  • AUX Volume
  • Sampler Volume
  • Balance
  • Talkover
  • Files Zoom
  • Scratch View
  • Horizontal View
  • Extended View
  • Normal or Day View
  • Stems 1 & 2
  • Simple or Color Pads
  • Quick Master and Decks FX
  • Quick Microphone activate and recorting
  • Quick Recorting Sampler
  • Quick Recorting Master
  • Video Skin Custom Buttons
  • Volume Faders can be hide
  • Support PC / MAC
  • And many other features that you will need to 
All logos can be replace in user style
What's New
  • Add Skin Color (Red - Orange - Green - Blue or All Colors in one 4 decks)
  • Add Skin Background Color (Gray - Black - Dark Red - Dark Blue)
  • Add Wave Background Color (Default or Black)
  • Add Main Grid Lines Color (Skin Color or Default)
  • Add Waveform Position (Top or Down) in Extended View 2/4 Deck
  • Add Talk Over Oprions
  • Add Microphone FX on Record Panel
  • Add Song Rating Stars 
  • Add Beet Keeper Bar Position (Top or Center)
  • Add Beat Keeper Bar and Phrase Circle 16 Bars or 32 Bars
  • Add Beat Keeper Phrase On Jog (16 Bars or 32 Bars)
  • Add Mirror Decks 2/4
  • Fix Mac Font Size on Jog (For Small Screens)
  • Add Serato Colors View and Jogwheel
  • Add Track Color On Jogweel (Only For Serato Style)
  • Add Beat Effect On Jogweel
  • Add Cover On Jogweel

Thank you For the Support

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